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1. to feed, e.g. long-keep steer.
2. pasturage.

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Q. I was wondering is there any method to keep her in control? My 11 year old daughter is very impulsive. She will not let others speak. She talks to everyone irrespective of whether she knows them or not. Sometimes I have also noted that she blabbers something without her knowledge. I can understand that she is having ADHD but how do others know that she suffers from ADHD? Though I am guiding her positively, it is hard for her to remember these instructions. She is very impulsive that she acts immediately. She lacks good sleep as may be needed for the kids of her age. I was wondering is there any method to keep her in control?

A. parenting ADHD children can be a stressful job. but with the proper treatment, be that medication or behavioral, she would calm down a bit and even sleep better from my experience. i strongly recommend trying alternative treatments like acupuncture and biofeedback in order to reduce symptoms and not completly rely on medication. nothing wrong with medication- but nothing's wrong about lowering their amount also...:)

Q. When someone says he'd like to keep his fitness , what does he mean? how does one keep his fitness?

A. Training, that’s the key. Regular, varied and planned exercise program is usually essential to keep one’s fitness. In addition, appropriate nutrition and avoiding hazardous lifestyle habits (e.g. smoking, drugs etc.) also help.

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Q. what about drinking vinger apple to keep fit?

A. 90% of the alternative medicine people use are not tested clinically. it doesn't mean they don't work, just that that no one tested them to see if they are truly useful and what is the active ingredient in them. in a site i found they gave a big list of what can apple vinegar can help you for. from acne to cholesterol, diabetes and Menstrual problems. too much if you ask me. if there were 3-5 things on the list it was reasonable. but almost 20? so you might as well take it cause it wouldn't hurt you. but i'm not sure about the usefulness. try it and let me know :)

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Reste cet incertain << Gilberte de Meseglise >>, titre conquis dans les ruines d'un donjon et sans doute merite par elle plus que par le funambulesque Legrandin.
La contiguidad de espacios con plantas y usos diferentes, inteligentemente comunicados, constituye un logro de la arquitectura bajomedieval, adaptable tanto a formatos longitudinales (donde frecuentemente fue preciso incluir una galeria de paso) como a un donjon (que por su propia naturaleza era menos flexible desde el punto de vista de las comunicaciones, con lo que el paso por la sala central solia ser obligado).
For a more formal meal, we strolled out of the parc to Vic-sur-Aisne, a small town about 20 minutes' walk away with a few shops, a bar, a chteau and - our destination - the smart but friendly Le Donjon restaurant.
And for the finale, try Vieux Donjon 2006 Chateauneuf-du-Pape (pounds 35, Harvey Nichols nationwide), the first one I've come across without the papal regalia.
until Anthony's youngest toppled off FAIRYTALE SETTING: Puy du Fou's castle provides a great backdrop IN DAYS OF OLD: The 15th century La bataille de donjon
Worth a look, or pause for Kodak moment, as you wander through the compact community is the 18th century baroque fountain in front of the simple medieval town hall, the castle keep or donjon which now serves a kind of giant sundial, and the Lagarica, a giant tank cut into the rock where the grapes were once trodden to make the local wine.
Quand vous montez ses petites rues etroites, tortueuses, se croisant, s'enchevetrant, encombrees d'impasses, d'escaliers, de voutes jetees comme des ponts sur des cloaques et allant river leurs anneaux d'esclaves aux ruines de la Kasbah, vieux donjon feodal, vous etes tout etonne, vous avez presque peur, et, dans un intervalle de quelques minutes, vous retrogradez de cinq siecles au moins.
Three buildings make up the donjon de Diane (castle-keep of Diane) which contains the palaces of Venus and Mercury and is governed by the third and richest palace, devoted to Diane and the moon.
executive vice president of the New Jersey-based salvage outfit Donjon Marine Co.
In March of 2005, the company announced the formation of a wholly owned subsidiary and a joint venture agreement with Donjon Marine Inc.
to scenes from the life of Saint William de Donjon, Archbishop of Bourges (d.
While one of the words most commonly identified with castles is `keep', the term is virtually unknown in medieval documentation where the term donjon was generally used.