Domino Theory

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A hypothetical explanation of cell duplication that holds that the daughter of a somatic division is the result of a series of linear metabolic pathways in which the initiation of a new pathway hinges on completion of a previous pathway
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The Domino Effect is a valuable book that contributes a better understanding of shale energy markets: prices, flows, infrastructure, value, and economics.
He said: "The driver hit another car, which then hit five others in a domino effect."
It caused mayhem - there was a dramatic effect on the group with several falling off in a domino effect.
"It could trigger a domino effect of uncertainty with the result that the readiness of private investors to invest in the eurozone again fall to nothing," she said.
Good videos don't beat people over the head with sales messages but include strong calls to action,” stated Marcus Small, CEO of Domino Effect Productions, LLC.
Making things worse, the cuts have had a domino effect in places.
London, Apr 6 ( ANI ): Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has warned that the fall of his regime or the breakup of his nation will cause a "domino effect" that will fuel Middle East instability for years.
Now everyone is talking about the John Kerry domino effect.
This year, weak economic growth and heavy debt burdens in many developed markets had a domino effect on emerging economies, and many investors lost confidence in both.
Moody's ratings agency downgraded two top French banks, highlighting the risk of a eurozone domino effect amid warnings the crisis could destroy the European Union.
Utrinski vesnik says that this is more dangerous even from the possibility of the domino effect hitting Italy, Portugal and Spain.