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A woman in the sadistic role of the paraphilia of domination
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Professional dominatrices share a similar goal, and many clients report their experiences to be psychologically and/or spiritually therapeutic.
Like the many professional dominatrices we have known and worked with, Mistress von Cleef understood the supportive and empowering potential of professional BDSM.
Interestingly, a recent study of professional dominatrices found that many understand themselves as "therapists," thus providing a form of psychological intervention for their clients (Lindemann, 2011).
In essence, professional dominatrices also collect thorough psychosocial and medical histories before conducting sessions with clients (see Williams, 2010).
While social workers and psychotherapists help clients understand the complexity of the self and its relation to its broader environment, so do professional dominatrices through structured use of power and eroticism.
During sessions, dominatrices may use various psychological techniques, including behavioral modification, guided imagery, role-play, and psychodrama.
Professional dominatrices sometimes offer services similar to that of nurses, and some have formal nursing training.
Obviously, medical type procedures performed by professional dominatrices should be administered with training and care.
Therefore, professional dominatrices are capable of providing unique therapeutic services.