animal soap

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an·i·mal soap

soap made with sodium hydroxide and a purified animal fat consisting chiefly of stearin; used in pharmacy in the preparation of certain liniments.

sapo animalis

An obsolete term for soap produced from animal fats.
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And on Friday, Prayuth admonished television scriptwriters for promoting violence and divisions in society in their domestic soap opera productions.
Not for YouTube, there are several clips of this domestic soap opera from the 1950s for you to enjoy again.
However, the conventions of the hospital setting were inevitably different from those of the domestic soap opera; the focus on doctors gave the drama a middle-class patina and, in any case, a medical series allowed for an almost limitless introduction of new characters, both patients and staff.
Just as proceedings - now postinterval - are about to lose their momentum in what has become a domestic soap, with the docklands as little more than a backdrop, there is a cathartic 'Bleasdale moment' reminiscent of the anger unleashed in the Blackstuff.
In Season One, the story had been moving slowly, a domestic soap opera about a North Jersey middle-class Italian family of four whose obese, potty-mouthed patriarch just happened to be the mob boss.
The term historical soap opera can be defined as a regular domestic soap opera in the sense of a television melodrama with the basic elements of a fictional narrative created through language and mimesis: story, characters, discourse and theme.
This is mainly due to the fact that historical soap operas are produced in considerably fewer numbers, more sporadically, and tend to be shorter than the domestic soap operas; they are not regularly in the mind and in the eyes of the audiences.
According to Ernesto Alonso and Miguel Sabido, producer and screen writer of soap operas respectively, the production of soap operas with historical themes appeared as a response to counterbalance the overflow of trivial topics of domestic soap operas and created what was considered of cultural and educational value such as the national past and heroes.
An Ashes series is no place for domestic soap operas or wet-nursing so-called "high-maintenance" players who pine for home.
Despite these glitches, pic plays more like high-level fiction than domestic soap, with events impossible to predict even when they appear blatantly obvious.
By the mid-1990s, with the deregulation of broadcasting and the resulting explosion of television channels everywhere, more than 50 domestic soaps were being produced around Europe, most of them leading the local viewer ratings.
An RTE executive admitted: "Things are certainly getting very hot in our domestic soaps.