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Serologic data also highlight the potential value of domestic dogs as indicator species for identifying high-risk areas of infection for livestock and human populations.
Although the current study consists of a relatively small survey, the results are considerable because of the recognized importance of domestic dogs as potential reservoirs for transmissible pathogens (14).
In addition, 3 domestic dog carcasses were recovered.
1994), in which 100% of the loci were polymorphic, because although the primers tested in the present study were polymorphic in the domestic dog (Canis familiaris), six were monomorphic in the analyzed animals.
You can just ask your local animal control officer how many bites the domestic dog has laid on people.
We encountered no feral or free-ranging domestic dog at any time during the initial survey or during the subsequent 1-year tracking period.
After sequencing, two scat samples that were determined to have a domestic dog mtDNA haplotype were set aside to be analyzed with a bi-parentally inherited nuclear marker.
Twenty of the 25 coats tested were identified as raccoon dog fur, and three as domestic dog fur.
This follows work by the university which found all animals infected with rabies there had a variant of the disease that originated from the domestic dog.
But fluffy or furless, jumbo or squat, all dogs belong to the same genus and species: Canis familiaris, or the domestic dog.
Think again as tomorrow week sees the battle for the title of 'Real McCoy - Fastest Domestic Dog in Britain' - when all manner of domestic pooches are expected to descend on Plough Lane.
Sarasota's most charming and elegant pet boutique for hot dogs and cool cats features the features the finest European and domestic dog and cat accessories and exquisite gift items for the discriminating pet lover.

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