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Dead ahead," and I saw the opening, black and yawning in the glowing dome of this underworld.
It was useless to try to pass over her, for that would have allowed her to force us against the rocky dome above, and we were already too near that as it was.
But it was augmented and rendered sublime by the mighty Alps, whose white and shining pyramids and domes towered above all, as belonging to another earth, the habitations of another race of beings.
Commenting on the acquisition, Tim Poole, Partner and CEO of DOME said, “We are excited about bringing these two companies together, we will be filling a knowledge gap by adding Don and his team.
in 1954, Buckminster Fuller patented a design, called "geodesic," which applied triangles to dome construction.
KEY SPECS: The technology allows for two separate, progressive contact closures in a single dome switch.
Founded 13 years ago by homeless activist Ted Hayes as an urban refuge for dozens of dispossessed men, women and children, Dome Village will close this week -- unable to afford a sevenfold rent hike on the one-acre-plus parcel.
High-resolution images captured at low Sun angles show lobes of material that extend far beyond the main mass of each dome.
In what Still calls a "significant event," the almost century old underground Dome mine was reopened earlier this year after being placed on care and maintenance in 2004.