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, dolichocephalous (dol'i-kō-sĕ-fal'ik, -sef'ă-lŭs),
Having a disproportionately long head; denoting a cranium with a cephalic index less than 75.
Synonym(s): dolichocranial
[dolicho- + G. kephalē, head]
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(dŏl′ə-kō-krā′nē-əl) also


Having a relatively long skull with a cranial index of 74.9 or less.

dol′i·cho·cra′ny n.
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Colin Groves, a very dolichocranic man who, it should be no surprise by now, sports a big beard.
* The older of the two males, skull number 427 (dolichocranic), was buried with a chisel and a knife.