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, dolichocephalism (dol'i-kō-sef'ă-lē, sef'ă-lizm),
The condition of being dolichocephalic.
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In our case, hydrocephalus, dolichocephaly, large anterior fontanel, hypertelorism, ocular proptosis, low-set, posteriorly located ears, microretrognatia, pectus carinatum, umbilical hernia were present.
With the cephalic index in use, the skull shape may be defined as dolichocephaly, mesocephaly, brachycephaly, and hyperbrachycephaly.
* Facial irregularities such as dolichocephaly (disproportionately long head), malar hypoplasia (underdeveloped cheekbones), enopthalmos (sunken eyeballs), retrognathia (overbite), or down-slanting palpebral fissures (eye openings that are lower in the outer corners than by the nose).
Previous examinations of the material from northern Quebec and Newfoundland have indicated that the Dorset people were physically comparable to the Thule culture Inuit, characterized primarily by a large robust neurocranium, dolichocephaly, and marked cheekbones (Anderson and Tuck, 1974; Utermohle, 1984).
Classically, the skull reveals dolichocephaly. [1] Elongation of the extremities without an increase in width is characteristic.
At the time of birth, Mesocephaly dominated in Banias, Brachycephaly in Jat Sikhs and Dolichocephaly in Majhbi Sikhs.