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Biblical character in the Old Testament who suffered from skin and bowel disease, from which he recovered.
Job syndrome - Synonym(s): Buckley syndrome
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The council employ staff incapable of doing the jobs they are overpaid to do and senior managers, supervisors and especially council members seem to be unable to do anything about the situation.
His widow Hazel said: "I have the comfort of knowing that Bill died doing the job he loved, and the fact that he was helping others is just typical Bill.
And, following their return to England, he told a press conference at Twickenham: "I enjoy doing the job and nothing's changed since I spoke to you last.
THE Royal Marine killed in a battle with Taliban fighters was last night described as an "outstanding" serviceman who "died doing the job he loved".
Chapters go far beyond the basics of contracting and its markets, delving into sales and how to make an accurate estimate, how to negotiate a balanced contract, how to control costs while doing the job, how to collect money from recalcitrant clients, quick start tips and checklists for undertaking jobs, and much more.
I made the decision to remove him because I felt he wasn't doing the job.
Doing the job WRONG 14 times gives you job security.
The defence would be that he is not doing the job he was contracted to do.
There are people that, if I was doing the job, would certainly not be in the position they were in at that time because they failed.
That, however, as she tells Nat at the end, does not mean that she is going to give up trying to get his job, but the implication at the end of the story is that she and Nat just may end up doing the job together.