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A follower of the dogmatic school.
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The problem is that you can interpret these facts in two ways: (1) the dogmatists would say that AZT blocked HIV, the immune system became stronger and therefore you overcame pneumonia; (2) others might say that you have immune deficiency, you have pneumonia because of a bacterial or fungal infection, and you also have HIV.
32) Presumably, one's own self must also be conceived in mechanical, deterministic terms if the dogmatist is to be consistent.
No dogmatist herself, Randall explores the problems as well as the achievements of the Cuban experiment.
On the other hand, the account makes the Moorean appear less like an unreasonable dogmatist, by pointing out that in the canonical Moorean arguments, there is an array of powerful indirect evidence providing implicit support for the Moorean's maneuver.
The smug sceptic is not really a sceptic at all, but rather a dogmatist in disguise who "knows" it is unnecessary or futile to search.
Still, the core of the matter is that both men, the brilliant rationalist Popper, and the semi-mystical dogmatist Wittgenstein, represented two opposites of modern philosophy.
We don't want the audience to think that Guevara, far from being a romantic figure of the kind with whom they might identify, was actually or incipiently a hardened and rigid dogmatist.
A libertarian is a dogmatist because he believes devolved decision making by manufacturers and consumers leads to a more free, efficient, and safe society.
unfolds six hermeneutical "turns" is how inviting, engaging, and liberating the process of interpreting biblical texts can be--in contrast to what she names as either a dogmatist, historical-scientistic or culturally relativist paradigm.
An examination of her writings by a dogmatist, a moral theologian and a canonist has concluded that the writings are "in complete fidelity to the Church".
These connotations may be seen in the lists of terms associated with the noun form of sectarian, "person who is narrow-minded" ("adherent, bigot, cohort, disciple, dissenter, dissident, dogmatist, extremist, fanatic, henchman/woman, heretic, maverick, misbeliever, nonconformist, partisan, radical, rebel, revolutionary, satellite, schismatic, separatist, supporter, true believer, zealot") and with the adjective form of sectarian, "narrow-minded, exclusive" ("bigoted, clannish, cliquish, dissident, doctrinaire, dogmatic, factional, fanatic, fanatical, hidebound, insular, limited, local, nonconforming, nonconformist, parochial, partisan, provincial, rigid, schismatic, skeptical, small-town, splinter").
For those who don't know, this group at Syracuse--what I'll here call the Syracuse Left is largely centered around Zavarzadeh, by some reports a charismatic teacher and personality, by others a strident dogmatist, and his collaborators, colleagues, former and current students, Donald Morton, Teresa Ebert, Ron Strickland, Adam Katz, Robert Nowlan, Jerry Leonard, and others.