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A follower of the dogmatic school.
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Indeed, Wood does seem guilty of ideological dogmatism or, what West might call, a Foucauldian will to truth.
Nor can we take heart, according to Kressel, that the problem of serial genocide will soon be resolved, principally because "ethnocentrism, obedient personalities, prejudice, stereotyping, dogmatism, intolerance for ambiguity"--defining characteristics that lead to the formation of mass murderers--are also "in plentiful supply." Kressel tells us, "Only the relentless pursuit of perpetrators" and the spread of democracy ("no democracy has ever made war on another democracy") hold any promise of reducing this global scourge on humanity.
Dogmatism is a crutch for the irresponsible -- the acceptance of a skewed culture of appraisal has ethical problems, because a badly designed building is always a waste of valuable resources.
The content is authoritative without dogmatism, the style engaging without condescension and the subject urgent without doubt."
For instance, the above-mentioned argument destroying the sentence certainly appears to be a case of negative dogmatism, and Against the Grammarians is full of similar examples.
The philosophical shift from dogmatism to skepticism, from finality to tentativeness, was clearly an imitation of modern scientific practice.
In the drawing Orange-Yellow (Sunset for Werner Heisenberg), 2000, for instance, Finch explores the phenomenology of color without the dogmatism of a systematic theory like that of Josef Albers or the direct visual experience offered by, say Ellsworth Kelly's shaped canvases.
If it accomplishes nothing else, it shows that secularism as it has been classically conceived is not immune from its own form of dogmatism. Though he is no friend of those who wish to establish a state-sponsored theocracy of some kind, Connolly effectively shows that the strains of dogmatism which run deep in classical secularist doctrines contribute in no small way to the effects secularists fear from religious "enthusiasm" and "fundamentalism." He understands that "secularism is a political settlement rather than an uncontestable dictate of public discourse itself," and thus we must recognize the possibility that reworking that settlement opens up new conditions of being (p.
He will abstain from dogmatism, and recognize all the opposite negations, between which, as walls, his being is swung.
Without the imagination to commiserate with the suffering of others and without a historic perspective, however, conviction is simply self-righteous dogmatism. It seems Tokyo Gov.
Nonetheless, it does represent a diminished zeal and diluted dogmatism that could lead in that direction.