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A theory or belief that is formally stated, defined, and thought to be true.
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I will simply call your attention to the fact that your modern systems of popular election, of two chambers, and of juries all had their origin in provincial and oecumenical councils, and in the episcopate and college of cardinals; but there is this difference,--the views of civilization held by our present-day philosophy seem to me to fade away before the sublime and divine conception of Catholic communion, the type of a universal social communion brought about by the word and the fact that are combined in religious dogma.
That there is much to be said for Nietzsche's hypothesis of the Eternal Recurrence of all things great and small, nobody who has read the literature on the subject will doubt for an instant; but it remains a very daring conjecture notwithstanding and even in its ultimate effect, as a dogma, on the minds of men, I venture to doubt whether Nietzsche ever properly estimated its worth (see Note on Chapter LVII.
Each race writes its line upon the book, as it passes; it erases the ancient Romanesque hieroglyphs on the frontispieces of cathedrals, and at the most one only sees dogma cropping out here and there, beneath the new symbol which it has deposited.
And by separating there three series into their component parts, we shall find in the three eldest sisters, Hindoo architecture, Egyptian architecture, Romanesque architecture, the same symbol; that is to say, theocracy, caste, unity, dogma, myth, God: and for the three younger sisters, Phoenician architecture, Greek architecture, Gothic architecture, whatever, nevertheless, may be the diversity of form inherent in their nature, the same signification also; that is to say, liberty, the people, man.
In these architectures it seems as though the rigidity of the dogma had spread over the stone like a sort of second petrifaction.
Now, as always, Clare's father was sanguine as a child; and though the younger could not accept his parent's narrow dogma he revered his practice, and recognized the hero under the pietist.
As for the dogma, she could not understand it and did not even try.
Peter's to hear the publishing of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception.
It is hardly conceivable that Pope Francis would strive to define papal infallibility as Pius IX did with all the means at hand, whether good or less good, in the 19th century It is also inconceivable that Francis would be interested in infallibly defining Marian dogmas as Pius ?
It instead identified three provisions in the 1887 Penal Code as sources of Article 133: "Profanation of the Sacred Eucharist" (Article 220), "Profanation of sacred objects" (Article 221), and "Ridicule of the Catholic religion's dogmas, rituals and ceremonies" (Article 222).
And it might be argued that even Humanists have in general not been quite as diligent in subjecting some of our secular dogmas to critical analysis as they have been with religious dogmas.
Before criticizing the two dogmas, the authors (in part two) elaborate their own working conception of shame.