Dog Tag

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An aluminium tag with an identifying name and numbers worn around the neck of military personnel which may be used to identify soldiers’ bodies in the event of mutilating death
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After the two freed Franco, Sam realized they couldn't look for Drew (Billy Miller) until she located Danny's dog tag.
On the surface the Dog Tag is an incredibly stylish piece of jewelry, but don't sell its functionality short.
Dog tags are an iconic symbol of the military and have been representative of the sacrifices inherent in military service since their debut on the battlefields of the Civil War.
Each year, Dog Tag Bakery will hire a cohort of wounded warriors and their spouses that will operate the bakery during the day while attending the School of Continuing Studies at Georgetown University after hours.
We actually contacted an individual several years ago and let him know that we had found his dog tags, and he denied that they were his," she said.
METAL detecting enthusiasts scanned farmland at Clayton West hoping to find dog tags buried in a field hours earlier.
I did a quick sketch before the idea would leave my mind," said Jones, whose senior project was a showing of 2,436 ceramic dog tags which he created and dedicated to the many brave Soldiers who lost their lives while serving our country in OIF.
In 2004, Sliepka founded Dog Tags for Kids, a program through which she manufactures and distributes dog tags to troops stationed in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan.
Before you start collecting dog tags, take a look at your competition.
I'm delighted to support Bobath's fundraising initiative and hope as many Cardiff Blues and Wales fans will go out and buy a dog tag as soon as possible,' said Mike.
On their first Virgin Atlantic flight pets will be provided with a welcome pet pack, featuring a special Virgin doggy T-shirt and dog tag for dogs, a toy mouse and a Virgin collar tag for cats, and a limited edition flying jacket and collar tag for ferrets.
government investigation conducted following the 1995 discovery of his dog tag in a Chinese military museum, the embassy said in a statement.