Dog Tag

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An aluminium tag with an identifying name and numbers worn around the neck of military personnel which may be used to identify soldiers’ bodies in the event of mutilating death
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"Tim and I laid wreaths given to us by the Ambassador and the Ambassador then accepted the dog tag and handed it to me.
"My dad knows his dog tag might have been found, but he has no idea what has been done to honor him," Ball exclaimed.
From Memorial Day through the Fourth of July, Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery raised 8115,424 for the Folds of Honor Foundation through the sale of paper dog tags at all Tilted Kilt locations nationwide.
These dog tag exchanges are the first step in a Department of Defense initiative to inspire an enduring commitment to service and to enrich local communities across America through the influence of the U.S.
The grant from the Coalition to Salute America's Heroes has been earmarked to provide 12 weeks of education and training for the first wounded veteran hired to work at Dog Tag Bakery.
Then use safety wire to fasten the dog tag to the barrel.
Abisha (left) wears a black onyx double wrap bracelet, one black and one red Solo from the Gemini Collection, a red Gemini Original and 1.5 inch wide Ring belt, Cosmo belt and silver Crown dog tag and Fleur-de-lis cross.
Reinterpreted with a metallic chrome finish, the sleek bottle is adorned with a signature dog tag carrying the John Varvatos 10-year logo.
The club, founded by enthusiast Stuart Littlewood, held a dog tag hunt on farmland in Clayton West.
He thrust a lethally-sharpened dog tag to the necks of terrified passengers and demanded cash.
Included with the remains was the dog tag of Sgt.Maj.