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A perennial shrub that contains niacin, nicotinamide, organic acids, pectin, tannin, and vitamins B, C, E, and K; it is astringent, diuretic, laxative, and tonic, and has been used to heal wounds; it is a rich source of vitamin C, often supplied as rose hips
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Below the tall nettles and flowering grasses, the water was as shallow as a wartime bath but the banks were full of cow parsley and blush-pink dog roses and an occasional blue eye of speedwell peeping through the undergrowth.
Pennywort - thick satin circles that could be pierced with a thumbnail and wild dog roses, the buds of which could be used as pretend lipstick.
Plants that are attractive both to your garden and to birds are honeysuckle or lonicera, sunflower, dog roses, Rosa rugosa, ivy, elderberry and hawthorn.
A huge bush of large-headed dog roses arched over the path and I stopped to navigate my way around it.
We all knew the hips from dog roses could be opened and the seeds used as itching powder and we knew goose grass and burdock could be stuck on some unsuspecting person's back.
If you've got space and a cottage-style garden, then you must consider dog roses or Rosa rugosa.
Wherever there is a little green and yellow leafed hazel, or bright yellow field maple in the hedgerow, this adds to the compote of red berries from hawthorn, holly, dog roses and briony.