canine distemper virus

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ca·nine dis·tem·per vi·rus

an RNA virus of the genus Morbillivirus, a member of the family Paramyxoviridae, which causes canine distemper.
Synonym(s): dog distemper virus
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canine distemper virus

A single-stranded RNA virus of the family paramyxovirus, which infects domesticated canines and wild carnivores, including ferrets, lions, dolphins and seals.

Clinical findings
Transient fever followed by serous nasal and ocular discharge, acute encephalomyelitis and various CNS signs—spasms, hyperkinesia, myoclonus, convulsions and hypersalivation.
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History is littered with deadly examples of animal diseases crossing the species barrier, from plague, which originated in the Himalayan foothills and began to spread when it got into marmots; measles, which is closely linked to the dog distemper virus; HIV, which originated in great apes; to the current concerns about highly pathogenic avian flu H5N1, which has already killed a number of people working in close contact with infected birds.