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n-C12H26; a straight, unbranched, saturated hydrocarbon containing 12 carbon atoms; the 12th member of the alkane series that begins with methane.
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Water and dodecane were tried with every sample, but in about 10% of the samples, dodecane completely wet the surface too quickly for us to measure the contact angles.
Unlike the mixtures used in his previous space experiment, SCCO, which were composed of methane, dodecane and n-butane and required high pressures to liquify, this mixture is a liquid at atmospheric pressure, which means it is safe for testing on the ISS.
After this operation, the extracts were evaporated in a Turbo-Vap evaporator previously added of dodecane (50 [micro]L) and were later resuspended in the cyclohexane+ethyl acetate mixture (1+1 by volume) (20.
Harvard grad student Conor Evans, working with the Xie Research Group at the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, received Honorable Mention with his Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering (CARS) interferometry image of dodecane droplets in water.
For GC-MS, testosterone was quantified as its bis-trimethylsilyl ether derivative (11, 12), essentially as described previously (13), except that 10 [micro]L of derivatizing reagent and 10 [micro]L of dodecane were used and the volume injected was 2 [micro]L.
10 mL of dodecane dissolved in 5 mL of toluene was added to the reaction vessel.
Flint of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign made light-emitting vapor bubbles by sending ultrasonic waves through liquid hydrocarbons such as dodecane (SN: 10/10/87, p.
However, the inflection points that result in slowing of vaporization which occur as octane and dodecane are eliminated from the droplet were accurately captured, implying that the droplet composition and the resulting effect of heat of vaporization on the temperature of the droplet are properly reflected by the model.
After 18 d feeding COD, all feed was withdrawn for a day and cattle were orally dosed with sodium 1-(2-sulfonatooxyethoxy) dodecane (Empicol ESB/70AV, Allright and Wilson Australia Ltd, Melbourne, Australia) administered at 45 g/d in a 10% v/v solution to remove protozoa.
africana Dodecane Tridecane Tetradecane Nonadecane Hexadecane Tetradecane Octadecane Hexadecane Docosane Pentadecane Heptadecane Hexadecene Stigmasterol Heptadecane Octadecene Eicosene -- Nonadecene -- Pentadecene -- Sitosterol -- Stigmasterol Table 7.
The sink effect of six compounds including ethylbenzene, 1,2-dichlorobenzene, decane, benzaldehyde, undecane, and dodecane on a carpet was studied.