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A particular system of principles taught or advocated.
[L. doceo, to teach]
A theory or posit widely accepted by leading authorities in a particular field


A theory or posit widely accepted by leading authorities in a particular field. See Assumption-of-risk doctrine, Borrowed servant doctrine, Captain-of-the-ship doctrine, De minimus doctrine, Emergency doctrine, Feres doctrine, Humoral doctrine, Hypothesis, Lost-opportunity doctrine, Posit, Therapeutic privilege.


(dok'trin) [Fr. doctrine, fr L. doctrina, teaching]
A system of principles taught or advocated.

borrowed servant doctrine

The legal doctrine, a form of vicarious liability, that a patient care supervisor (e.g., an attending physician who oversees the work of a resident physician) may be held responsible for the negligent acts of a subordinate. See: Captain of the Ship doctrine ; vicarious liability

Captain of the Ship doctrine

The legal doctrine, a form of vicarious liability, that the legal responsibility for errors in a medical setting falls on the most highly trained or senior health care provider present at the time. This doctrine has been used to hold attending physicians or surgeons responsible for the negligent acts of the surgical or anesthesia team. See: borrowed servant doctrine; vicarious liability

learned intermediary doctrine

The legal doctrine that a pharmaceutical manufacturer need only advise or warn physicians, and not the public at large, of the potential hazards of the drugs it produces. Under this doctrine physicians act as agents for the public when they prescribe medications. Their education and clinical experience help them decide when to use a medication and when, because of safety concerns, to avoid its use. Exceptions to the doctrine are illustrated by direct-to-consumer drug advertising (e.g., on television or the Internet) in which pharmaceutical companies present their products directly to patients without the physician acting as intermediary. Synonym: learned intermediary rule
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Canfor suggest the doctrine may be moving toward centre stage.
In fact, there is some truth to the notion that devout or conservative Christians are the "real" Christians, given that cultural Christians are more likely to urge restraint in interpreting religious doctrine.
In sustaining Yum's appeal, the Sixth Circuit followed Adlman II in defining documents prepared "in anticipation of litigation" as "prepared or obtained because of the prospect of litigation" and found that the work-product doctrine protected the two memoranda because the taxpayer established, based on surrounding facts and circumstances in addition to the substance of the documents themselves, that the documents were prepared in anticipation of litigation.
In ruling on the appeal filed by the two accused, the SC took a departure from the "women's honor" doctrine that was entered into court jurisprudence in the 1960s.
The French nuclear doctrine is a hardcore form of first use in which Paris is theoretically working on nuclear weapons usage against conventional threats.
Doctrine reflects a unique body of professional knowledge and establishes a professional vocabulary and philosophical framework for operations.
However, this streamlined process necessitates the highest quality initial input from Joint Doctrine Development stakeholders.
And those who apply doctrine to training and execution and want to have their input heard have the chance to become contributors.
The paucity of reported cases applying the doctrine suggests that it is well-understood and not often disputed.
The people acquiesce in the doctrine and applaud it because they hear the politicians and editors repeat it, and the politicians and editors repeat it because they think it is popular.
Condonation doctrine which was introduced by jurisprudence in 1959 was abandoned by the high court in a ruling last year.
Living doctrine will be easier to access and update, and it will allow Soldiers to have Army doctrine right at their fingertips.