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docere (dōˑ·se·rā),

n “doctor as teacher.” One of the three guiding principles of functional and natural medicine.
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Quia 'coepit Jesus facere et docere,' nobis relinquens exemplum, ut sequamur vestigia cius 'qui peccatum non fecit, nec inventus est dolus in ore ejus' (1 Pt 2:21-22).
Bakhtin when he admits: "I loved the polyphony of ideas" (50), explains the importance of one's past and the concept of docere et delectare in a typical Eco fashion:
H]omo dicitur causare scientiam in alio operatione rationis naturalis illius: et hoc est docere; unde unus homo alium docere dieitur, et eius esse magister.
The word doctoremerges from the Latin word docere, "to teach" or "to show.
As its title indicates, this collection focuses on the "dialogical relationship" (9) between life and death that many of the period's death narratives display, frequently in an effort to play off the dichotomy of movere and docere, and proposes to explore the complex nature of this phenomenon.
Hoc edicto in perpetuum valituro de consilio fraturm nostrorum monemus omnes et singulos renatos fonte baptismatis in virtute sanctae obedientiae et sub interminatione anathematis praecipientes eisdem, quod nullus ipsorum aliquid de perversis dictis dogmatibus docere ac addiscere audeat vel, quod execrabilius est, quomodolibet alio in aliquo illis uti.
Merito confusumest labium in dispersionem, quia male coniurauerat in locutionem nefariam, ablata est potestas linguae superbis principibus, ne in contemptum Dei subditos possent quae coeperantmala docere.
Anselm, steeped in the writings of Augustine, heeded the latter's trivium of docere, delectare, and flectare.
Poccetti enriched his frescoes with a wealth of detail, whether in natural landscape elements or genre, creating scenes whose visual splendour and human interest captivated viewers of the day--and achieved precisely that combination of delectare, docere, movere ('to delight, to teach, to move') which Catholic churchmen were calling for in religious painting at the time.
Brian Vickers has argued that the capacity of rhetoric to move was increasingly stressed between 1540 and 1640: "Of the three goals of rhetoric, movere, docere, and delectare, movere became the most sought-after.
Smith, executive in charge of production for Unapix Docere, "and one of great historic value.
The one-hour world premiere of The History Channel special presentation INSIDE THE PRESIDENCY WITH BOB WOODWARD, produced by Newsweek Productions in association with Docere Palace Studios, debuts Friday, January 21 at 10pm ET/PT.