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The provinces had heavily depended on the funds received from federal government under divisible pool.
Its share out of the Divisible Pool of Taxes was guaranteed at Rs 83 billion during financial year 2011-12 which was more than double from the actual divisible pool share of financial year 2009-10.
Through this award, financial autonomy of the provinces has been ensured by increasing their share in the divisible pool (taxes) from 46.5pc to 57.5pc from 2011-12 onwards.
Constitutionally, income and sales tax and export duty on cotton are part of the divisible pool, whereas the remaining taxes have been included in the divisible pool taxes by the NFC.
The sub-group is led by the federal government that will make recommendations on vertical distribution of the divisible pool between the Centre and federating units.
* the number formed by the first three digits is divisible by 3.
New Delhi [India], May 20 ( ANI ): The 15th Finance Commission on Friday ruled out injustice to any state in the allocation of divisible pool of central revenues.
Most of the teachers are unable to compute directly whether a long digit number is divisible by a given number or not?
Students should then determine which, if any, of these three-digit numbers they have created are divisible by three, using a calculator if necessary.
"I really like even numbers, and I like heavily divisible numbers.
It introduced two new concepts: (1) revenue share based on the national resource picture and (2) inclusion of all federal taxes in the divisible pool with revised shares.
Show that [n.sup.6] - 3[n.sup.5] + 6[n.sup.4] - 7[n.sup.3] + 5[n.sup.2] - 2n is divisible by 24 for any positive integer n.