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1. To separate or become separated into parts, sections, groups, or branches.
2. To sector into units of measurement; graduate.
3. To separate and group according to kind; classify.
4. To branch out, as a blood vessel.
5. To undergo cell division.

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Q. How does the time of high and low usually divide in bipolar? How long are the high times supposed to last and should the low times last more or less the same? how much time is there usually in between?

A. Thank you Sarina for sharing with me. I have and continue to deal with bipolar disorder everyday in my home. I love my partner very much and I don what I can to learn about this illness. Part of that process for me is sharing with others in similar situations what I have learned. I just hope my experiences can help others

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ONF = Old number of faces (each sub dividable one produce 3 new ones)
25m working area dividable into 2 or 4 separate zones, with up to 500 separate stored programs and a one-second drilling cycle.
9-11] Since the TRL technique requires insertable calibration standards, the present fixture was designed in two dividable halves.
I needed something I could buy -- with a small down payment and low monthly payments -- that was dividable yet attractive enough that I would want to live there the rest of my life.
OptiDose enables the design of dividable, multi-layer, single or multi-core tablets with a variety of core numbers, shapes, sizes, and placement, providing new alternatives in controlled release designs for drug formulators, developers, and marketers in a high quality, one step manufacturing process," said Barry Littlejohns, president of Advanced Delivery Technologies for Catalent/'We are excited to be working with Cingulate Therapeutics to bring these important treatments to market as quickly and efficiently as possible.
The owners have since completely refurbished the building at 1, Victory Way to offer contemporary, high quality , sub dividable workspace for large or smaller companies looking to expand.
The hotel complex has a nearly 49,000-square-foot Convention Center, which is dividable into 22 different meeting space configurations.
A dividable boot space allows you to hide plenty of kit out of sight and includes a handy shelf that can take loads of up to 10kg.
Clear dividable storage drawers that help separate and monitor inventory levels for critical supplies.
In FitRec, two large multi-purpose rooms are dividable by acoustic walls; other multi-purpose rooms designed for quieter activities were purposely located on lower levels.