An operation to obliterate a diverticulum without resecting it, usually by securing the tip to a nearby structure so the diverticulum no longer fills.
[diverticulum + G. pēxis, fixation]
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In terms of surgical options, no surgery may be required when the diverticulum is small (<2 cm in diameter), but larger diverticula require either resection, diverticulectomy, or diverticulopexy with cricopharyngeal myotomy [6].
(1) His initial surgery had been performed 2 decades earlier; at that time, he underwent a cricopharyngeal myotomy and suspension of the diverticulum superiorly to the cervical fascia (diverticulopexy).
This finding was consistent with the fact that he had undergone a previous diverticulopexy. Given the patient's minimal symptomatology, conservative management was recommended.