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diversified (di·verˑ·s·fīd),

n commonly used chiropractic technique in which thrusts are applied to one or more vertebra after the patient's mobility is analyzed and a palpatory exam is performed.
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Diversified Machine Milwaukee's high throughput processes and thin wall capabilities complement our existing operations and increase our ability to provide automotive solutions from concept to finish for our customers," Diversified chairman and CEO Bruce Swift said in a press release.
Seydoux/Schlumberger families, France, diversified, $5.
Liberty Diversified is excited about bringing this novel weight loss technology to market," said Ron Touchard, Chief Executive Officer of Liberty Diversified Holdings, Inc.
The Diversified study also found that even before the Pension Protection Act of 2006 provided employers with incentives for offering an automatic enrollment feature as part of their 401(k) plan, 44% of large companies had already implemented auto enrollment for new employees, and in many cases, existing employees.
He will play a central role in our expansion of total retirement outsourcing capabilities and services, an area where we have already enjoyed considerable success," said Diversified President and Chief Operating Officer, Peter Kunkel.
Managed accounts and other services that automatically rebalance a participant's investment allocation appropriate to his or her age and reflect a more conservative investment strategy as the employee approaches retirement are part of a growing movement to simplify retirement plan investing as much as possible," said Laura White, vice president of marketing at Diversified.
The Global Media campaign combined with synergistic sales developed on the retail level through Diversified Entertainment will allow Sports Alumni to stay on track with the solid development of our business plan.
AMBS Investment Counsel, LLC (AMBS) serves as sub-advisor to a portion of the AHA Diversified Equity Fund.
SNI can provide the solar technology expertise, equipment, and complete best-in-class modern energy packages to meet the needs of Cherokee Diversified.
Diversified Ethanol's partially constructed new plant in Eagle Grove will dovetail with the previously operational plant, so that they can go into production of the other plants even sooner.
Diversified Ethanol's Taylor Moffitt said, "When the Ethanol shortfall widened in June, with Brazil ethanol imports rising up to $3.
BOSTON -- MFS Investment Management(R) has introduced the MFS Diversified Income Fund.

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