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Formation of a gap or groove between the cavity preparation margin and the restorative material.
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Those of us who frequently fly along the coast of Southern California can easily become complacent about the possibility of ditching, but we are not alone.
In coastal communities, the FAA often sponsors good courses on ditching and water survival that are full of valuable information, but the average pilot may never get any exposure to this knowledge unless he or she seeks it out.
Following our acquisition of the Fen Ditching Company, we hope to be clearing the ditches and lakes of the Sandringham Estate on an annual basis.
Mark Lewis, of Wright Hassall, said the company had acted for Blue Boar in buying the entire share capital of the Fen Ditching Company.
The Fen Ditching Company has contracts for local drainage boards in East
Blue Boar is primarily a dredging and land restoration company and the combining of the two businesses means that the group is now one of the UK's leading dredging and ditching contractors," said Mr Woolliscroft.
But, even if you restrict your flying to territory you think is dry land, a sufficient number of rivers and lakes exist in North America to make the possibility of ditching your aircraft a real one.
Drainage has been improved for producing grass, with extensive ditching of fields and wetlands to convey storm water runoff towards Lake Okeechobee (Haan 1995).