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Formation of a gap or groove between the cavity preparation margin and the restorative material.
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In October last year, 19 men were rescued following a controlled ditching by a CHC-run Super Puma EC225.
It is understood the helicopter made a "controlled ditching" into the sea.
Humans have long used open-air ditches for land drainage, including ditching in Mesopotamia around 9000 BP (van Schilfgaarde 1971) and the Egyptians and Greeks around 2400 BP (Shirmohammadi et al.
Ian Woolliscroft, managing director of Blue Boar Contracts, said: "We are primarily a dredging and land restoration company, and the combining of the two businesses means the group is now one of the UK's leading dredging and ditching contractors.
Rugby-based Blue Boar bought drainage specialists the Fen Ditching Company, from Cambridge-shire, for an undisclosed sum.
Ditch Witch management is positioning itself as the place to shop when it conies to ditching machines of any kind.
But when man began ditching and building roads, the swamp's natural hydrology was wrecked, its critical wet/dry cycle damaged.
Others, such as Fulton County, Ohio have a large program demanding a full time maintenance crew and high production ditching equipment.
Vaughan (2005) observed primarily C horizons as the soil layers exposed in the ditching process.