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ditch (ditching),

n the undesirable loss of tooth substance in the region of a restoration margin (usually gingival).
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Differential Phosphorus Export from Seven Ditches, 2005 to 2006
The subject of the order is: Current maintenance of ditches and drainage ditches in the maintenance of the department of municipal economy of the city of rzeszw located in the city of rzeszow with a total length of 26 937 m.
The town was enclosed by double banks and ditches to protect it from Prince of Wales Llewelyn ap Gruffydd's troops.
Pursuant to the instructions of the Fujairah Municipality Director, 40 such ditches were identified and 24 have already been filled.
But we can use these ditches to minimize pesticide and nutrient losses in runoff--and it can be done without taking any cropland out of production.
It's high school all over again for the girls in Hollywood, as Gwyneth Paltrow ditches her old bff for a new one.
Very few camps have underground pipe networks to convey storm water--instead, camps typically have open ditches and culverts.
A 400-mile network of ditches on the Migneint between Ffestiniog and Llanrwst will over time be filled in to restore the area to its natural state.
United's youth team director Brian McClair told the club magazine: "It's a single track road with ditches on either side.
You can find erosion ditches nearly everywhere, and they influence deer movement in a very predictable way.
AUSTIN, TX HAS MORE than its fair share of fun ditches to shred.
Dark Green Bulrush, Green Bulrush; Roadside ditches and meadow; Common; C = 4; BSUH 14928.