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Abbreviation for developmental apraxia of speech.
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A deadly toxin derived from Fusarium species. DAS may grow on and contaminate cereals and other stored crops and can be toxic to fungi, plants, and animals (including humans). It has been used in the past in chemotherapy and can be used as an agent of biological or chemical warfare.
Synonym: anguidine
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Dopamine receptor antagonists (DAs)

The older class of antipsychotic medications, also called neuroleptics. These primarily block the site on nerve cells that normally receive the brain chemical dopamine.
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But that would hardly allow him to rest, as he intended to use the funds to add more assistant district attorneys and investigators to his Auto Crime and Insurance Fraud Unit.
At-Large Officer: Dianna Luce, District Attorney, 5th Judicial District, NM
Like most other state agencies, the District Attorneys Council has sustained years of budget cuts as Oklahoma's government has constricted amid financial woes.
While Vance, like many district attorneys, has instituted internal policies that ban certain kinds of donations in order to prevent actual or perceived conflicts of interests, those policies don't have the force of law behind them, and, as the recent controversies involving Vance suggest, are not strict enough to prevent accusations of pay-to-play against the Manhattan DA's office.
Last September, District Attorney Vance, together with the City of London Police and the Center for Internet Security, announced the creation of the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA), a ncoalition of organizations focused on addressing cyber vulnerability through the exchange of threat data and the development of opensource solutions.
* Nassau County District Attorney's Office: $169,100
Caption: Niagara County District Attorney Michael Violante.
The district attorney's shift to elected status also occurred
"Blair is aware that the District Attorney is inclined to file charges against Mel," Radar Online quoted one source as saying.
IN 2007 THE San Jose Mercury News revealed that Deputy District Attorney Jaime Stringfield of Santa Clara County, California, had introduced a fake DNA report into evidence in a sex abuse case.
The ACLU lost its suit to protect welfare recipients from searches without warrants by investigators from the District Attorney's office.
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