distribution volume

dis·tri·bu·tion vol·ume

the volume throughout which an added tracer substance appears to have been evenly distributed, calculated by dividing the amount of tracer added by its concentration after equilibration.
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Select retailers have retracted their print programs by cutting the number of pages and overall distribution volume.
To estimate the occupancy of A1 adenosine receptors by caffeine, the distribution volume at the baseline period of the PET scan was compared with the distribution volume after caffeine administration.
Other authors have used the initial distribution volume of glucose (IDVG) to assess volume status (8).
Household and personal care products hold a healthy share of the top 10 categories with highest growth in coupon distribution volume in 2010.
Under the previous instate distribution exemption, which was overturned in the aftermath of an Anheuser-Busch lawsuit, small brewer distribution volume was not capped.
In 2007, TANDEM's production and distribution volume exceeded US$ 103 million; in 2008 that volume is expected to exceed US$ 152 million.
The bottlers represented in the lawsuit account for about 11 percent for Coca-Cola North America's distribution volume, he said.
From these primary parameters, we further estimated the apparent distribution volume at steady state ([V.
Owing to that, and after it had relied in its budget on contributions by the British press - each as per their distribution volume -, the agency became a joint stock company, and one of the most prominent companies listed in the London, New York, and other stock exchanges.
Since 2005, Comgas, the largest natural gas distribution company in Brazil by distribution volume, has measured leak rates from 912 segments of cast iron pipelines and discovered significantly larger leak rates than the EPA/GRI study.
The growth of programs in South Africa, Ghana, Brazil and Zimbabwe, as evidenced by increasing numbers of distribution outlets and increasing distribution volume, (52) reminds us that responses to the method elsewhere in the world may not mirror those in the West.
Midyear, Supervalu actually acquired a "single price" or "dollar" chain (Deals--Nothing Over A Dollar), while Fleming recently took on distribution volume to dollar chains.

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