distribution volume

dis·tri·bu·tion vol·ume

the volume throughout which an added tracer substance appears to have been evenly distributed, calculated by dividing the amount of tracer added by its concentration after equilibration.
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Singapore: Fitch Ratings says PT Perusahaan Gas Negara Tbk's (PGN, BBB-/Stable) stronger-than-expected daily gas distribution volume during the nine months ended September 2018 is positive for the Indonesian company.
However, in critically ill patients with sepsis or septic shock the target concentrations may be difficult to achieve due to the increased distribution volume and the presence of augmented renal CL, and thus may lead to reduced trough concentrations and underdosing, leading to the inadequate bacterial killing and possible treatment failure.
Moreover, the coefficient of variation of the average distribution volume of the tip TVI-800075 showed that this tip is not suitable for spacings between nozzles greater than 0.4 m.
The highest distribution volume, at 40 million bags, was recorded during the rice shortage in 2008.
The researchers found that cognitively unimpaired mutation carriers had elevated mean cortical Pittsburgh Compound B distribution volume ratio levels in their late 20s compared with noncarriers and that seven of nine carriers older than 30 years reached the threshold for amyloidosis.
To compare the specific binding of [sup.18]F-FC119S to A[beta] deposits, we used Logan graphical analysis ([t.sup.*] = 10 min) to derive a distribution volume ratio (DVR) based on the cerebellum [26].
Medication absorption, bioavailability, protein binding, distribution volume, and nonrenal clearance (metabolism) can be altered in patients with CKD.
So far, the company has reached definitive agreements or signed letters of intent to refranchise territories that account for approximately 60% of bottler-delivered distribution volume and 41 of the 51 cold-fill production facilities in the United States.
Select retailers have retracted their print programs by cutting the number of pages and overall distribution volume. Newspapers are also feeling the effects of rate pressure from agencies and large national placement firms.
where CL1, V1, CL2 and V2 are the individual central compartment clearance rate, the central compartment distribution volume, the peripheral compartment clearance rate and the peripheral compartment distribution volume in the population, respectively.
Company, brand, packaging, and distribution volume data is provided plus value data by distribution channel.
Noble et al., "Tissue affinity of the infusate affects the distribution volume during convection-enhanced delivery into rodent brains: implications for local drug delivery," Journal of Neuroscience Methods, vol.

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