distribution curve

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dis·tri·bu·tion curve

a systematic grouping of data into classes or categories according to the frequency of occurrence of each successive value or ranges of such values, resulting in a graph of a frequency distribution.
Synonym(s): frequency curve
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Moving from right to left in Figure 2, the 1995 and 2015 cumulative distribution curves for the MOR of southern pine begin to diverge starting near the upper quartile.
On the whole, the accumulative distribution curve of Stochastic Oscillator is to the right of the accumulative curves of the buy-and-hold strategy and Bollinger Bands, which means Stochastic Oscillator may be superior to the buy-and-hold strategy and Bollinger Bands.
In additional to the amount difference of required brake force, the brake force distribution curves (ratios) are similar in other cycles.
6 depicts the pressure distribution curve that was obtained for the RFPSFF for the same parameters at which the SSFF was modelled.
The fragment size distribution curve of the retained fragments is required to define the disintegration ratio after each of the five cycles of the slake durability test.
3, when the initial velocity is 2 m/s, the distribution curve of flow velocity of NGH slurry and the volume fraction of NGH and sand are even in vertical pipe.
com is additionally designed to show the entire percentile distribution curve of the ratio, meaning 1st to the 99th percentile with the median, thus splitting the curve at the midpoint.
One can find the area between two points under a normal distribution curve with Excel or tables published in introductory statistics books.
Alternatively, you would need to have over half of the instructors teaching be infants, young children and teenagers, to balance out the distribution curve with all the instructors between 25 and 65.
The incidence of hip fractures showed a similar pattern in both genders, being uncommon in the young, with an exponential increase from the age of 65 years (Rockwood's distribution curve F).
results using the same multimutation model (MMM) that fit our IAN analysis by simply changing the value of a single parameter in our MMM model and using a different cohort age distribution curve.
The Normal red cell distribution curve (Histogram) is Gaussian (bell shape) and the peak of the curve should be within the normal MCV of 80.

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