distribution curve

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dis·tri·bu·tion curve

a systematic grouping of data into classes or categories according to the frequency of occurrence of each successive value or ranges of such values, resulting in a graph of a frequency distribution.
Synonym(s): frequency curve
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All the samples were as produced commercially, the distribution curves of which are shown in figure 2.
The slope change of the normal size distribution curve of common needle type snowflakes corresponded to the size d = 1.
The biggest difference between the measured and the calculated values from the luminous intensity distribution curve is for the LED luminaire B for which the stray light from the surroundings is the strongest.
The focus of this work has been on control of both average primary particle size and on the width of the particle size distribution curve.
The traditional 80/20 sales distribution curve no longer applies to 38% of respondents, for whom 80% of their revenue was contributed by 60% or more of their products.
The visual presentation of the data will be similar to TrueCar's new car pricing distribution curve.
The pellet destruction is furthermore accompanied by a shift in the particle size distribution curve.
10] NT (MoM) value, 3 quotients, LRs, could now be calculated from the height of the distribution curve for affected pregnancies divided by the height of the distribution curve for unaffected pregnancies.
In short, the CFO worries about each dimension of the distribution curve.
With the evolution of an abrupt news story, the number of the news articles or events will form a distribution curve along the time axis.
The most vivid and illustrative risk representation can be given by diagram of probability of loss as function of its level (the so-called distribution curve of probability of loss, or curve of risk).

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