distribution coefficient

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dis·tri·bu·tion co·ef·fi·cient

the ratio of concentrations of a substance in two immiscible phases at equilibrium; the basis of many chromatographic separation procedures.
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As humic acid concentration increased (0 to 12 g [kg.sup.-1]), distribution coefficients of Ni in the acetic acid-soluble fraction initially decreased and then proceeded to increase again.
Generally, against the background of SCC, we have noted a higher level of triene conjugates and Schiff bases and higher values of MM 280/254 nm distribution coefficient. When analyzing the indicators of proliferative activity among patients with different morphological types of the tumor, it was found that the percentage of dividing cells among patients with AC is much lower than among patients with SCC.
--[DELTA]t--recommended accuracy of ionol extraction temperature control when the relative deviation of distribution coefficient [K.sub.i] from the mean value [K.sub.mean] does not exceed 6% for the established temperature within the given ionol extraction temperatures range.
Moreover, the distribution coefficient of strontium is low in the dolomite [37].
It is based on an examination of the variation of [D.sub.T,S] or [D.sub.P,S] (the distribution coefficient due to the synergistic effect) as a function of the relevant experimental variables.
where [K.sub.a] [L] is the so-called "surface sorption distribution coefficient", which represents the partitioning between the amount of RN ([C.sub.RN]) per unit surface and the amount of RN in the liquid phase:
The spatial variability of solute distribution coefficient imparts an additional variability in the local velocity of such solutes.
We adjusted other parameters needed to calibrate the model--such as tissue distribution coefficients, metabolism and excretion parameters, and the blood:air distribution coefficient ([H.sub.air], reciprocal of Henry's Law constant)--to fit the experimentally determined tissue distribution plasma as reported by Kirkpatrick et al.
A plastic stress distribution coefficient was used, since it was believed to represent better the actual stress distribution in the failing parts.
Neither the capitalist nor the profit-oriented market socialist economy achieves the maximum level of social welfare achieved when the "assignment coefficient" ([Mu]) and the "distribution coefficient" (v) are set to their optimal levels according to the problem specified in the second section.
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