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sinoatrial node
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A gene on chromosome 3q13.2 that encodes a probable catalytic component of the NAA11-NAA15 complex with alpha (N-terminal) acetyltransferase activity.
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First, FusionStorage 8.0 boasts the industry's highest distributed storage performance.
For example, big data applications, distributed storage, and some edge computing scenarios have specific energy efficiency requirements for many-core high-performance computing.
In the second phase, reducer performs the aggregation of the trees by selecting any two trees from the distributed storage. Reducer then combines these trees in a level-wise manner and stores the newly generated tree again into the distributed storage.
has developed a technology that offers both high speed data-processing and high-capacity storage in distributed storage systems, in order to speed up the processing of ever-increasing volumes of data.
Proposed a remote data checking scheme for network coding based distributed storage systems.
A distributed storage system (DSS) is a widely used technology for storing data in a reliable way.
HyperFlex Systems, built on Cisco's UCS compute platform, simplify policy-based automation across network, compute, and storage for the widest set of enterprise applications, allowing users to extend the benefits of distributed storage technology to more applications and use cases.
The solution is based on Apache Hadoop, an open source software platform for distributed storage and processing of very large data sets.
This technique uses a distributed storage technique on the converted time series data that breaks the data files into segments that contain a portion of the full time series dataset.
In contrast, MariaDB ColumnStore is ACID compliant, blazingly fast, massively parallelized, and uses a distributed storage engine.
Massive data management is the foundation and core technology of cloud computing, and it manages massive data produced by cloud users through building large-scale data centers and deploying distributed storage systems.

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