distraction osteogenesis

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distraction osteogenesis

a technique of inducing new bone formation by dividing a bone and applying tension through an external fixation device to lengthen the bone.

dis·trac·tion os·te·o·gen·e·sis

(dis-trak'shŭn os'tē-ō-jen'ĕ-sis)
A technique of inducing new bone formation by dividing a bone and applying tension through an external fixation device to lengthen the bone.

distraction osteogenesis

Abbreviation: DO
A method of lengthening bones by making a series of controlled fractures which are then spread to desired locations and held in place with hinges, rods, and/or wires. The technique is used primarily in orthopedic or maxillofacial surgery to repair deficits in long bones or facial bones.
See also: osteogenesis


1. diversion of attention.
2. separation of joint surfaces without rupture of their binding ligaments and without displacement.
3. surgical separation of the two parts of a bone after it is transected.

distraction index
a measure of hip laxity in which the degree of subluxation demonstrated radiographically when some stress is applied to the femurs is assessed as an indicator of hip dysplasia in dogs.
distraction osteogenesis
the development of new bone growth in an area subjected to gradual tension stress by the deliberate separation of fragments by traction.
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Maxillomandibular distraction osteogenesis advancement for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.
Distraction osteogenesis decreases or totally avoids the need for bone grafting and avoids temporomandibular joint problems.
In presented patient the first surgery procedure was producing vertical part of his left lower jaw by distraction osteogenesis (fig.
Transformational osteogenesis is less well documented histologically than distraction osteogenesis.
The management of upper airway obstruction is based on either (1) conservative methods (prone position, nasopharyngeal tube) or (2) surgery involving pulling the tongue base forward, hyomandibulopexy, subperiosteal release of the floor of the mouth, tracheostomy, and distraction osteogenesis.
Following extractions, a vertical defect was present which could be corrected with alveolar distraction osteogenesis.
A technique first used by orthopedic surgeons known as distraction osteogenesis now offers OMSs a less invasive method for more effectively remedying many severe, difficult to treat facial skeletal deformities, including cleft palate.
3 /PRNewswire/ -- A new technique for increasing bone and soft tissue mass, distraction osteogenesis, can be successful in reconstructive surgery for patients with a variety of craniofacial deformities, according to two studies to be presented at the 67th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons (ASMS), October 3-7 in Boston.
Every product line has, at its core, a hardware-software combination that solves real human problems, ranging from the growing of new bone by distraction osteogenesis to the scanning of eye movements to ensure that an employee is clear-headed when performing a critical task.
The combined companies will have seven product lines, including distraction osteogenesis (bone lengthening) devices and a proprietary information technology platform (SmartDevice-Connect(SM)) from OrthoNetx, and the existing medical, industrial safety, and law enforcement eye tracking devices from Eye Dynamics.
designs, develops, manufactures and markets patented, FDA-approved medical devices and systems for osteoplastic surgery and distraction osteogenesis -- the practice of generating, forming and molding bone.
This exciting acquisition puts us in a position to transform our distraction osteogenesis devices into 'smart devices', and will enable us to bring this same innovative approach to other manufacturers of medical devices as well as devices we acquire via merger or acquisition," said Terry R.