distraction osteogenesis

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distraction osteogenesis

a technique of inducing new bone formation by dividing a bone and applying tension through an external fixation device to lengthen the bone.

dis·trac·tion os·te·o·gen·e·sis

(dis-trak'shŭn os'tē-ō-jen'ĕ-sis)
A technique of inducing new bone formation by dividing a bone and applying tension through an external fixation device to lengthen the bone.

distraction osteogenesis

Abbreviation: DO
A method of lengthening bones by making a series of controlled fractures which are then spread to desired locations and held in place with hinges, rods, and/or wires. The technique is used primarily in orthopedic or maxillofacial surgery to repair deficits in long bones or facial bones.
See also: osteogenesis


1. diversion of attention.
2. separation of joint surfaces without rupture of their binding ligaments and without displacement.
3. surgical separation of the two parts of a bone after it is transected.

distraction index
a measure of hip laxity in which the degree of subluxation demonstrated radiographically when some stress is applied to the femurs is assessed as an indicator of hip dysplasia in dogs.
distraction osteogenesis
the development of new bone growth in an area subjected to gradual tension stress by the deliberate separation of fragments by traction.
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The downside of distraction osteogenesis is that there must be a minimum quantity of bone about 5 mm of the transport and anchorage segment in order to have adequate strength to with- stand force of mobilization and transport.
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In the early 1980s and '90s, the operative fracture treatment was dominated by biological osteosynthesis, which includes techniques such as interlocked IM nailing, distraction osteogenesis, and minimally invasive surgery.