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A distinct part of the pain of reading Bellow for me is seeing how his novels wrangle with and reject the idea that educating women could improve their minds.
The official text will be published as the third distinct part of 'Restatement of Torts' in the third series of 'Restatements of the Law.
To take it a step further, and paraphrase from Webster's definition, a member is "a distinct part of a whole", "belonging to some association, community, party, etc.
Martyn Jamieson, head ranger for Wirral council, said: ``Living in Wirral we tend to take these sites for granted, but it is their special geological features that make them such a distinct part of Wirral's landscape.
Scott's brilliant prose resonates with awe at the wondrous "ability of life to sustain itself" and embraces the prismatic intricacy of our everyday world,"a confluence that would have to be called miraculous if each distinct part hadn't been, on its own, so ordinary.
Early on, we were told that the orientation phase was a distinct part of the Fellowship, and we should not overly concern ourselves with the prospect of finding a place to work on the Hill.
Professor Scheffer says there is plenty of alternative legal opinion that Scots "retained right of self-determination within a distinct part of Great Britain".
Perhaps the strongest reason for remaining a distinct part of the United Kingdom would be the harmful effect on what many would say is the touchstone of Welshness - the language itself.
This could have quite a marked effect on developers looking to convert existing homes into HMOs or build new properties for that distinct part of the housing market.
By adding this fourth regulative principle, she examines the role of the Spirit Who Saves and has a distinct part to play in theological discourse within language and the apologetic task, providing a rich delineation of intertextual theology as well as the church's practice and mission.
Begun as larks after Langford moved from Leeds, England, to Chicago in 1991, these two loose collectives now form a distinct part of his back catalog and his current efforts.