distal phalanx

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distal phalanx

any one of the small distal bones in the third row of phalanges of the hand or the foot (second phalanx in the thumb and great toe). Each one at the end of the finger has a convex dorsal surface and a flat palmar surface, with a rough elevation at the end of the palmar surface that supports a fingernail and its sensitive pulp. The distal phalanx of each of the toes is smaller and more flattened than that of a finger; it also has a rough elevation to support the toenail and its pulp. Also called ungual phalanx.

distal phalanx

The phalanx most remote from the metacarpus or metatarsus. Synonym: terminal phalanx; ungual phalanx
See also: phalanx

Distal Phalanx

The outermost bone of any finger or toe.
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remote; farther from any point of reference. See also direction.

distal convoluted tubule
the part of the renal tubular system interposed between the nephron loop and the arched collecting tubule. See also convoluted tubules.
distal interphalangeal joints
see Table 11.
distal phalanx
third phalanx.
distal sesamoid
navicular bone in the horse.
distal tarsal bones
the tarsal bones adjacent to the metatarsals.
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Note that the BPA is very small in the distal phalanx of the index finger (blue color) at the beginning of the trial (Figure 2a) but it grows up at the end of the trial (Figure 2b).
Experimental results have indicated a correlation of various mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of the disease, resulting in loss of interdigitations, weakening of the laminar tissue hoof and rotation or sinking of the distal phalanx (POLLITT, 1996; RIO TINTO et al.
This patient has a closed fracture of the : distal phalanx, called a tuft fracture, and a subungual hematoma, evident from the x-ray and the physical presentation.
Using a metal/foam splint, set a middle or distal phalanx fracture with the finger fully extended, she said.
Two ribs exhibited slight pitting and lipping on the articular facet of the tubercle, while a distal phalanx of the foot had moderate lipping on the superior margin of the proximal articular facet.
The natural resting position of the thumb is in opposition to the distal phalanx of the index finger with the metacarpophalangeal (MCP) and IP joints flexed 10-15 degrees [13].
Each digital artery dives into the pulp at the distal phalanx level, giving off a branch parallel to the paronychium.
In addition, the terminal arch radiates outwards through foramina in the dorsal surface of the distal phalanx and supply the lamellar corium and after forming the circumflex artery, the corium of the sole (Pollitt, 1992).

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