distal phalanx

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distal phalanx

The phalanx most remote from the metacarpus or metatarsus. Synonym: terminal phalanx; ungual phalanx
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Distal Phalanx

The outermost bone of any finger or toe.
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Caption: Figure 1: Plain radiographs of the left foot show destruction of the first distal phalanx.
Three sets of measurements were conducted: one with only the distal phalanx (one-phalanx measurement), one with the middle and distal phalanxes (two-phalanx measurement), and one with the entire finger (named three-phalanx measurement) on the instrument handle.
An example of the PPG waveform in the ROI placed in the distal phalanx of the precooled finger is shown in Figure 2c.
Radiographic modifications showing rotation or sinking of the distal phalanx may supplement the diagnosis of chronical phase of laminitis (MORRISON, 2010).
Specification Pulley-Cable Hydraulic Cylinder Finger Finger Maximum MPC Joint Angles 90 90 ([omicron) Maximum PIP Joint Angles 90 90 ([omicron) PIP/MCP Ratio 0.55 0.55 Length (mm) Total Finger 67 67 Proximal Phalanx 30 30 Middle and Distal Phalanx 37 37 Axes Diameter (mm) 1.5 1.5 Total Finger Mass (g) 15 25 MPC = metacarpophalangeal, PIP = proximal interphalangeal.
This patient has Jersey finger, caused by a traumatic avulsion of the flexor digitorum profundus (FDP) from the distal phalanx and diagnosed based on the mechanism of injury and the patient's inability to flex the DIP joint.
A 22-year-old male was referred to our outpatient clinic with a complaint of a non-healing wound on the distal phalanx of the left first toe.
Type I is a partial duplication of the distal phalanx with a common epiphysis.
6b-d); 74673, fragment of proximal phalanx 1 of digit III; 74674, fragment of distal phalanx 1 of digit III; 74675, phalanx 2 of digit III (Fig.
Lateral view showed palmar bending of the diaphysis of distal phalanx (Fig.
An abnormality in how the ligament connects the matrix to periosteum of the distal phalanx is the likely cause.
2) showed destruction of the distal phalanx with adjacent soft tissue swelling, and of the right elbow showed soft tissue swelling over the lateral aspect with possible cortical destruction of the lateral epicondyle (Fig.

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