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dis·so·ci·a·tion con·stant (Kd, K),

the equilibrium constant involved in the dissociation of a compound into two or more compounds or ions. The reciprocal of the association constant (2).
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Therefore, biophysical methods can and should be used as additional steps of screening pipelines, as they give important information for hit characterization like direct binding confirmation (TSA) and dissociation constant evaluation (ANS and TSA).
These plots reveal if the ligand has the ability to form a slowly dissociating step and what the on- and off-rate constants of the slowly dissociating step are, the dissociation constant of the fast step ([K.sub.A]), and the inhibition constant of the other ligand.
(III) Association/dissociation of Cc-cC (association constant [k.sub.3]; dissociation constant [l.sub.3]):
In (5), [K.sub.i3-4] is the dissociation constant for the complex ES[I.sub.2] (formed by the reaction ES + 2I [right arrow] ES[I.sub.2]) and all other symbols have the same meanings specified above.
(1974) Ca-Maleic Acid 2.43 Martell and Smith (1974) Ca-itaconic Acid 1.20 Martell and Smith (1974) Fe-Maleic Acid 5.15 Martell and Smith (1974) Fe-itaconic Acid <5.15 Present study Al-Maleic Acid 5.47 Martell and Smith (1974) Al-Itaconic Acid <5.47 Present study AlP[O.sub.4] x 2[H.sub.2]O 22.1 Lindsay(1979) FeP[O.sub.4] x 2[H.sub.2]O 19.2 Lindsay (1979) U-Maleic Acid 5.15 Ramamoorthy and Santappa (1969) U-Itaconic Acid 4.86 Ramamoorthy and Santappa (1969) (A) 'K' refers to dissociation constant of cation-chelate or solubility-product constant of solid water-insoluble compound.
Another polyphenolic compound, the flavonolignan silibinin, has been previously showed to bind PDIA3 with a dissociation constant within micromolar range [47].
Acid dissociation constants were potentiometrically obtained from several series of independent measurements.
Mollin, "Dissociation constants of some amino acid and pyridinecarboxylic acids in ethanol-[H.sub.2] O mixtures," Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan, vol.
We fitted corrected titration data for BL22P1B11 with a single-site binding model to determine the equilibrium dissociation constant ([K.sub.d]) according to
This change of the binding properties is quantified by a 10-fold decrease of the enzyme-substrate complex dissociation constants, which is sufficient for the generation of cooperativity of the enzyme.
Dissociation constants of the analogs binding to NOS have been determined to be 15 micromolar and 50 micromolar, respectively, using double reciprocal plot analysis.
From enzyme kinetic data, enzyme-substrate dissociation constants and interactivity constants between substrates were determined.