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A separating tissue, partition, or septum.
[L. dis- sepio, pp. -septus, to divide by a fence]


Biology A partition dividing a part or organ; a septum.

dis·sep′i·men′tal (-mĕn′tl) adj.
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Propora tubulata has the most distinct density bands among heliolitids and, therefore, skeletal elements, such as corallite wall, coenenchymal dissepiments, and septal spines, vary from thin to thick (Table 4).
Several morphological novelties such as septofossulae (Ullernelasma), dissepiments (Paliphyllum, Strombodes), and colonial forms (Cyathophylloides, Palaeophyllum), etc., appeared in the Hirnantian (t.s.
socialis is usually clearly identifiable thanks to closely spaced slightly undulating stipes and irregular but fine dissepiments. From 13 measured specimens, 11 show 12-13 stipes in 10 mm and only two have 11.