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Medtalk The spread of a pernicious process–eg, CA, acute infection Oncology Metastasis, see there.


(dis-em′ĭ-nāt″ĕd) [ ¹dis- + L. seminare, to sow]
1. Scattered throughout an organ or the body.
Of cancers or microorganisms, scattered or distributed over a considerable area.
dissemination (-em″ĭ-nā′shŏn)
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To study the impact of intelligent dissemination of information about competitors on market performance in vertical levels of organization in chemical companies.
It was decided that dissemination via posters and company newsletter would be trialled and if it proved successful this would be continued for the duration of the project.
In this study, we focus on exchange concepts as mediating variables between the leaders' influences and the good practice dissemination of internal school projects.
This aims to describe, assess, and determine the research dissemination and research utilization as influenced by independent variables.
Categories: December 3, 2009, Aerospace research, Appeals process, Climate change, Employees, Federal agencies, Government information dissemination, Government publications, Publications, Research and development, Research and development contracts, Research program management, Research programs, Scientists, Strategic planning, Surveys
The participation of Libya in the GDDS will also lead to the production and dissemination of more reliable and timely statistics.
The agreement allows A to concentrate on the core educational component of the journal and other publication, while leaving P to conduct the more mechanical aspects of publication and dissemination.
A major factor advancing the acceptance of electronic dissemination is the possibility of hyperlinking texts in an article to works cited in the same article, a quantum leap forward from the traditional reference lists of printed articles, though the transition to clickable links is still troubled with social, commercial and legal difficulties, not to mention the conceptual one of relevance.
Thus, EHP provided a forum for the dissemination of credible environmental health information to meet the needs of the scientific community; that is, the journal was a vehicle that aided in the translation of research into practice, However, the research papers often were not easily understood by the informed lay public.
To ensure that intelligence files meet constitutional standards, law enforcement organizations must establish policies and procedures concerning the collection, assessment, storage, dissemination, and purging of criminal intelligence records.
Onsite laboratory confirmation with field detection kits, rapid implementation of respiratory illness control protocols, and a mass vaccination campaign were applied to limit disease dissemination.

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