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A mutant gene that affects female Drosophila melanogaster, resulting in disinterest in copulation; in males, this mutation triggers indiscriminate copulation with males and females
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Samples were identified under the categories of satisfactory and dissatisfactory self-esteem.
(11) Palmer finds the Contingent LFI problematic, but the swiftness of her rejection of this view may seem dissatisfactory (Wilson, 2011: 827).
The initial hiccups and dissatisfactory complaints from a small section of daily commuters due to their personal inconveniences should be ignored for a common good.
In Poland, this opportunity is available merely to 61.8% and 52.7% of nurses regard this fact as dissatisfactory. For 6% of nurses this is not important [15].
However, the image of the CHH--conveyed by contemporary organizations and sometimes by the CHH itself--as an apolitical organization is dissatisfactory, and contrasts sharply with recent studies that have pointed to the highly politicized character of the global Chinese diaspora, and publications on the lively political culture of the Chinese community in the Netherlands East Indies.
Even if the 2010 reform can be accomplished, its effect is still dissatisfactory. The first reason is that the proposal leads to an obvious increase in the quota shares of the major emerging economies in which China, India, Russia and Brazil would increase 3.45 percentages in their shares that take 93% of the total increase in the Asia, Latin America and East Europe.
"A major source of stress was factors such as frequent transfers, slow promotions, fear of suspension and punishment, difficulty in getting leave sanctions, insufficient staff and dissatisfactory work
He left coaching after some dissatisfactory results with the Egyptian League then became a coach for Iraqi Al-Shorta Club.
In non-PhD faculty their view for the promotion and advancement was significantly dissatisfactory. The majority faculty members told to reduce job hours, to provide well equipped class room with multimedia, salary packages should be improve, to give chances for promotion, to give reward for their hard work and good performance, employees opinion should be considered, equal opportunities should be given.
Inadequate services, culturally incompetent providers, and dissatisfactory experiences validate the disparity in mental health care for African Americans.