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/dis·rup·tive/ (-tiv)
1. bursting apart; rending.
2. causing confusion or disorder.


[″ + ruptura, breaking]
Socially or professionally unacceptable. Said of behaviors that adversely impact others, e.g., angry or intimidating outbursts, demeaning comments, or unwarranted criticisms.

Patient discussion about disruptive

Q. Hi, my friend is suffering from episodes of depression and abnormal behavior which disrupts his life. Hi, my friend is suffering from episodes of depression and abnormal behavior which disrupts his life. I thought that he is affecting by Bipolar. I need some help?

A. You are a good friend to care. He needs to get evaluated by a doctor. That is the one thing that will get the best care and help for your friend. Keep talking with your friend and getting things out in the open. That's the best you can do. Depression can come from repressed anger or a chemical imbalance, or a life crisis or other things. I am not a doctor or an expert on the subject, just a patient who got help from my doctor. Drinking will not help depression. It will make it worse.

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This finding is important because individuals may allow themselves to be interrupted, or to engage in task switching, if they don't realize the extent of the disruptiveness.
Results of validity of the scales of social adjustment, normative adjustment and disruptiveness were social adjustment: NNFI = .
For until we acknowledge the continued importance of public assembly as a political practice, all of us--law enforcement and lay people, lawyers, and judges--will be unable to appreciate its relationship to disruptiveness or the importance of having a robust constitutional right to protect it.
The fact that exposure to previous experimental conditions profoundly impacted the disruptiveness of transitions between conditions is not new.
Whereas, for example, Lady James's novels expose the disruptiveness of murder to the natural order, Christie shows the village returning to normal life once the puzzle is solved.
To some degree, they may just want to protect their kids from boredom and/or protect the congregation from fidgety, whiny disruptiveness during a somber section of the holiday liturgy.
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Lee, speaking at the IMS, didn't address the iPhone's disruptiveness directly, but he did describe the cell-phone niche as a strong vertical market with little room to grow.
In the 'St Kilda Schoolgirl' case, many of Duthie's statements have been framed through her digital disruptiveness rather than in the context of a longer tradition of gender activism.
While highlighting the efficacy of forceful protest, the book also rejects a purely linear relationship between the disruptiveness of collective resistance and its chances of success.