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/dis·rup·tive/ (-tiv)
1. bursting apart; rending.
2. causing confusion or disorder.


[″ + ruptura, breaking]
Socially or professionally unacceptable. Said of behaviors that adversely impact others, e.g., angry or intimidating outbursts, demeaning comments, or unwarranted criticisms.

Patient discussion about disruptive

Q. Hi, my friend is suffering from episodes of depression and abnormal behavior which disrupts his life. Hi, my friend is suffering from episodes of depression and abnormal behavior which disrupts his life. I thought that he is affecting by Bipolar. I need some help?

A. You are a good friend to care. He needs to get evaluated by a doctor. That is the one thing that will get the best care and help for your friend. Keep talking with your friend and getting things out in the open. That's the best you can do. Depression can come from repressed anger or a chemical imbalance, or a life crisis or other things. I am not a doctor or an expert on the subject, just a patient who got help from my doctor. Drinking will not help depression. It will make it worse.

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Disruptive extremel"Disruptive behaviour, whether alcohol-related or not, is absolutely not tolerated Spokesman for Newcastle airport
With a growing portfolio of acquired and newly created brands that now includes KetoLogic, Disruptive Nutrition, and FBOMB, Disruptive Enterprises continues to expand on its ability to service the fast-growing market for low-carb/high-fat and ketogenic foods, supplements and medical foods.
A number of present researches to the explanation and categorization of disruptive behavior disorders are there.
Although the automobile was a transformational innovation, it was not a disruptive innovation, because early automobiles were expensive luxury items that did not disrupt the market for horse-drawn vehicles.
CEOs see CMOs as the primary drivers of disruptive growth (50 percent), closely followed by chief strategy officers (49 percent) and chief sales officers (38 percent).
CMOs are seen as one of the likely leaders to take control of the disruptive growth agenda due to their unique position of being in direct line of customers, prospects and the wider market, their access to digital levers and their focus on innovation.
Christensen continues that once a potentially disruptive technology is identified, organizations must circumvent the hierarchy and bureaucracy that can stifle the free pursuit of creative ideas.
This is a problem that comes up a lot because, often, there is some element of criticism that is offered by the supposed disruptive physician, which may or may not be justified, may or may have been done in good faith, and may or may not have been in a respectful manner.
Much of that debate was overly personalized, but almost everyone--including Christensen himself--agreed on one point: the concept of disruptive innovation has been overused and misapplied, to the point that it has become a cliche, approaching meaninglessness.
One of the key barriers is organizational awareness of the frequency and intensity of disruptive events and its downstream consequences.
The researchers combine data on disruptive peers in elementary schools in Alachua County, Florida, including information about test scores of children from families with histories of domestic violence, with data on high-school test scores, college enrollments, and early-adult earnings of thousands of students who years earlier had disruptive peers in their elementary school classes.
A spokesman said: "This flight from Liverpool to Alicante diverted to Limoges after two passengers became disruptive in-flight.