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v to refute or to prove false by affirmative evidence to the contrary.
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For a more detailed description of Malone's examination and disproval of the Shakespeare Papers see Pierce (2004: 151-166).
However, even at this final stage, explanations remain defeasible, meaning that they are subject to further modification or disproval, should further studies produce a better explanation (Dew 2007; Locke et al.
The work of the Cabinet of the ruling, center-right Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria party, GERB, is approved by 31% of Bulgarians while the disproval has reached 55%.
Homophobia has less to do with actual intolerance of homosexuality than it does with expressing disproval of anyone who does not conform to "traditional" roles (Harrison, 2003, p.
section] 7410(c) because it failed to act within two years of its partial disproval.
If teachers who disapprove of the innovation take the opportunity to express their disproval and persuade others against the innovation, it could be detrimental to the innovation.
On the eve of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's visit to the European Commission, on 24 February, the European Parliament has sent a strong signal of its disproval of the weakening of the rule of law in Russia.