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v to refute or to prove false by affirmative evidence to the contrary.
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Alternatively no which way information will be disprovable bijection i.
Farnsworth offers the example of Ptolemy's perception of a geocentric universe, which was neither provable nor disprovable at the time, but which Copernicus later disproved.
52) Whether these pressures in fact influence a decision in these ways is usually neither provable nor disprovable, which is a reason that Article III precludes this influence be it real or potential.
The notion that people who work should not be poor can in theory be derived from philosophical reasoning, but it is not a testable or disprovable proposition in the sense that social scientists use the terms.
In the absence of a priori evidential disproof, pleiotropism is usually treated as the null hypothesis since it is disprovable on the occurrence of a confirmed recombinant (Hanson, 1959).
The results can too easily produce an indelible taint; unlike most other allegations, the charge of being a bigot or cozying up to intolerance is almost never disprovable - it sticks.