displaced fracture

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dis·placed frac·ture

(dis-plāst' frak'shŭr)
Breakage in which the fragments are separated and are not in alignment.
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To the average orthopaedic surgeons, bilateral below knee (Spad) surface traction or skeletal traction applied in the lower end of femur or upper end of tibia, is an alternative for minimally displaced fractures. The stability of the hip, the concentricity of the femoral head below the acetabular roof, and the condition of the acetabulum are the major factors influencing the outcome of non-operative treatment of the acetabulum fractures [3].
Expert evidence from a surgeon said that while the punch had caused the displaced fracture the stamp on the face would have made the injury worse.
Murphy et al's study showed that the reoperation rate for nondisplaced fractures treated with fixation was 15% and for displaced fractures 38% after fixation and 7% after hemiarthroplasty; internal fixation and displacement were associated with increased reoperation rates; hemiarthroplasty resulted in fewer reoperations than internal fixation.15 Tidermark et al.16 studied 102 patients with displaced fracture of the femoral neck who treated either by open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) or THR.
While in the emergency department the patient had a CT head, which showed a comminuted, depressed fracture involving anterior wall of bilateral frontal sinuses and mildly displaced fracture of the nasal bones (Figure 2).
This is essentially the treatment option adopted in this case report as suggested by Boffano and Roccia [6] and Ellis III [12]; the most displaced angle was treated by a combined intraoral and transbuccal approach with a rigid two miniplates fixation, whereas the less displaced fracture would receive nonrigid fixation with a single superior border plate via an intraoral access according to Champy et al.'s technique [7].
Nerve damage was found in 10% of patients with displaced fracture (22 children).
"Mr Hextall went to A&E and was found to have a broken nose with a displaced fracture and a cut to his nostril which was glued," said Mr Dudley.
A mildly posteriorly displaced fracture of the posterior process of the talus was seen (figure 1).
Mr Griffin, who was due to fly to Florida with his girlfriend the day after the attack, suffered a displaced fracture to his cheek bone and a fractured jaw and required an operation to fix metal plates and screws.
There was the spinous process of C3, which was a minimally displaced fracture at the tip of C3 and a compression fracture of T6 (thoracic vertebrae).
He also sustained a displaced fracture to his skull and it was the latter injury, rather than the break to his neck, that has cut short his career.
Krotscheck: "If we see a minimally displaced fracture or just a hairline fracture in the bone, we might use external coaptation--a simple splint or cast that stabilizes the limb until the bone heals.