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The extent to which the dimensions of particles have been reduced in colloid formation.
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The prepared polymer, PAS, has a molecular weight of about [M.sub.n] = 15,110 g/mol and a dispersity index of 1.317.
These improvements were attributed mainly to the enhanced dispersity of the nano-Ag/Ti[O.sub.2] by KH-550.
Surfactants in the solvothermal system can inhibit Ti[O.sub.2] grain growth and increase particle dispersity. After thermal treatment, surfactants adsorbed in the Ti[O.sub.2] particles will decompose to produce C[O.sub.2], notably increasing the intrinsic pore volume and surface area.
Graphene-based composite is still challenged due to its poor dispersity, which may be caused by various reasons such as restacking of the GO, weak interfacial bonding, and incompatibility with polymer matrix [10, 13].
The number-averaged molecular weight ([M.sub.n]) and dispersity index (DI) values of the PLLA obtained from the gel permeation chromatography (GPC, Waters e2695 separation module) in tetrahydrofuran at 40[degrees]C were 88,400 g/mol and 2.3, respectively.
Then, the dynamic equilibrium of flocculation is tipped when the cation exchange capacity exceeds 6, and the dispersity of the slurry fluid decreases, resulting in the decrease of viscosities.
The weight-average ([M.sub.W]), number-average ([M.sub.n]) MWs, and molecular weight distribution (Dispersity, D) of the polymers were determined on a GPC instrument (Waters Associates, Inc., Milford, United States.
Thus, the aim of the work was to study the influence of the mechanical preparation methods (grinding, fluidization) of solid pharmaceutical substances on their physicochemical properties and biological activities by assessing their dispersity (optic microscopy and laser diffraction), Fourier-transform infrared spectra (in the middle and terahertz regions), dissolution kinetics in waters of different D/H isotopic ratio, living cells survival kinetics, and Arrhenius kinetics.
Based on NC40% phagocytosis hindrance capability and also the better size and dispersity compared with NC80%, 3: 2 mass ratio of PLGA and PLGA-PEG was used as the standard in the subsequent experiments.
This is caused by their high dispersity at the surface of AgCl.