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1. The act of dispersing or of being dispersed. Synonym(s): dispersal
2. Incorporation of the particles of one substance into the mass of another, including solutions, suspensions, and colloidal dispersions (solutions).
3. Specifically, what is usually called a colloidal solution.
4. The extent or degree in which values of a statistical frequency distribution are scattered about a mean or median value.
[L. dispersio]


the act of disseminating or scattering the seeds of plants, or the larvae of animals (particularly important in sessile animals), or any movement of adults. Animal larvae may be mobile, but the dispersal of spores, seeds and fruits is brought about by wind, water and animals, and in some plants explosive mechanisms are present.

Many mechanisms exist to aid dispersal: some fruits, e.g. teasel, burdock, are hooked, becoming attached to the bodies of animals; some parasites use vectors (e.g. a mosquito in the case of the malarial parasite), to carry parasitic organisms between hosts; and some larvae of marine animals move to different layers of water where current direction may be different from the level at which the adults live. Dispersal techniques include EMIGRATION, IMMIGRATION and MIGRATION.

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Militant leader Renato Reyes said at least 10 were injured while others were arrested following the dispersal.
The report published by EIPR reasserted the recommendations published after the deadly dispersals, which are an independent investigation of all violent events since the outbreak of the 25 January Revolution, and establishing committees of legal and rights activists and security experts to "suggest technical changes in methods of the police".
For polygynous mammals, male dispersal is near-obligatory, whereas female dispersal patterns are nuanced, showing a mixed strategy of dispersal and philopatry (Johnson 1986).
The adaptive significance of vertebrate breeding dispersal has received little attention, due to methodological constraints imposed by long-term studies.
The witnesses claim that that the protesters initiated the violence during its dispersal by security forces, which resulted in deaths of two police officers and injuries to 27 others.
Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim declared the security apparatuses' "success" in implementing the plan to secure the streets during the anniversary of the dispersal of the Rabaa Al-Adaweya and Al-Nahda encampments.
In a report based on a one-year investigation, the international watchdog said the dispersal "probably" amounted to crimes against humanity, in a report based on a one-year investigation.
An Egyptian riot policeman points his gun towards at stone-throwers during the dispersal of the Rab sit in (AFP File Photo)
Volunteer guards at the Rab sit-in had been on alert days ahead of the dispersals, expecting the police to take action.
The report showed most Egyptians were not supportive of actions taking by other countries against Egypt, following the dispersals with 78% saying countries that objected to the dispersal carried out by security forces had no business doing so and only 8 % saying international responses were warranted.
KEY WORDS: abalone, larvae, dispersal scales, dispersal modes, larval connectivity
The Abdeen Misdemeanour Court refused Monday the appeal of three defendants arrested on the 14 August, the one-year anniversary of the violent dispersal of the Rabaa Al-Adaweya and Nahda sit-ins.