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Relating to disomy.
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B, However, with D17S122 reference loci, the case was classical amplified, with multiple green (HER2) signals and disomic (red) reference signals (yellow arrow), with loss of colocalization pattern suggestive of pericentromeric amplifications rather than true polysomy in breast cancers (original magnification X1000).
The number of sperm scored and the number of disomic nuclei identified were summed for each subject and used as the unit of analysis.
Stability Analysis of wheat-Agropyron Disomic Addition Lines Using Univariate Stability Parameters, Advances in Environmental Biology, 8(7): 2399-2406.
Chromosomal localization of the genes controlling callus induction and in vitro drought tolerance criteria in wheat-barley disomic addition lines using mature embryo culture.
There was a separation in the risk score between trisomic and disomic samples on a magnitude of 1,000 or greater.
When two identical copies of a susceptibility allele inherit from the parent of origin of trisomy (disomic homozygosity), it leads to overexpression at a specific loci.
The sexual chromosomes X1 and X2, disomic in females and monosomic in males, were also metacentric.
Nineteen embryos (79.2%) were disomic (normal) for chromosome X/Y or 1/18 and five (20.8 %) were abnormal.
The products of these genes act directly or indirectly, by affecting the expression of disomic genes.
Also, colorectal tumours distinguishable by fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH) analysis of EGFR as homogeneously disomic or with low chromosome 7 polysomy have a reduced response rate to panitumumab [5].
We have developed and released 17 disomic, chromosome substitution (CS-B) lines through hypoaneuploid-based backcross chromosome substitution, using as recurrent parent a previously developed monosomic or monotelodisomic near-isogenic backcross derivative of TM-1.
The increase may be explained by an underlying gonosomal mosaicism in the patient; however, there seems to be strong selection against disomic gametes.