dismembered pyeloplasty

dis·joined py·e·lo·plas·ty

, dismembered pyeloplasty
a reconstructive procedure for correction of ureteropelvic obstruction, whereby the obstructed segment is resected and the upper ureter reanastomosed into the lower renal pelvis, usually utilizing a modified elliptical anastomotic technique.
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The mean age of men who underwent open dismembered pyeloplasty was 35.59 years (range 21-49 years) and women was 35.7 years (range 21-49 years).
There are different techniques for LP, such as the Anderson-Hynes dismembered pyeloplasty, fingerplasty, and YV plasty.
Dismembered pyeloplasty in children: A review of 5 years single center experience.
Anderson-Hynes (AH) dismembered pyeloplasty was the preferred choice in all but one patient with UPJO.
Dismembered pyeloplasty was offered to patients who had an obstructed renal unit and a low GAD score on serial imaging, an obstructed renal unit with deterioration in renal function on serial imaging, or were experiencing symptoms or complications (e.g., flank pain or pyelonephritis) related to their UPJO.
Traditionally, open dismembered pyeloplasty has been the gold standard.
Among 156 children who underwent open dismembered pyeloplasty, the duration of hospital stays decreased over time and averaged 47 hours.
Up to now, case series and reports demonstrated feasibility of the R-LESS approach in performing dismembered pyeloplasty. (1-6) The current study is the first study comparing R-LESS pyeloplasty with robotic, multiple-incision pyeloplasty.
Therefore, the patient was proposed to undergo laparoscopic transperitoneal dismembered pyeloplasty.