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, dislodgment (dis-loj′mĕnt) [Fr. desloger, to dislodge]
Displacement of a device (such as a catheter or tracheal tube) thought to be securely in position. Dislodgment of catheters, endotracheal tubes, or other devices may sometimes occur when patients are agitated, when they are moved, or when equipment is checked or adjusted. It may result in patient injury or failure in administration of required treatments.dislodge
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Dislodgment fractions have not been measured for the mussel beds at Hopkins Marine Station, so a direct test of these predictions is not possible.
The presence of a polyethylene mesh as well as transplantation to 6 m depth completely prevented dislodgment and subsequent drifting.
(2009), who showed that the clearance of individual Mytilus edulis was unaffected by increasing turbulence and that the turbulence did not cause a dislodgment of the individual mussels.
Resisting the force of water motion is a particular challenge in intertidal habitats, where waves, swash, and tidal currents can contribute to dynamic and unpredictable changes in biomechanical stress and risk of dislodgment (Denny, 1994; Trussell, 1997; Rilov etal., 2004; D'Amours and Scheibling, 2007).
After explaining the risks and benefits of EP study, including the risk of dislodgment of the IVC filter, consent was obtained from the patient.
It is designed to prevent accidental dislodgment or displacement of the trach tube, trachesophogeal fistula, tracheal stenosis or airway ganuloma.
Contrast venography provides an anatomically accurate delineation of a thrombosis, but it is invasive and it carries a small risk of thrombus dislodgment and subsequent pulmonary embolism.
The most commonly reported complications with pediatric PICC usage include mechanical complications such as occlusion, pain/phlebitis, dislodgment, and catheter fracture, while catheter-related blood stream infection with PICCs in pediatric patients is low (0.8-8%) (Frey, 1999) compared to the infection rate reported in neonates (0-19.1%) (Trotter, 1996).
The adjustable waistband fits all patients, has a soft, comfortable pocket that easily holds a suction reservoir or coiled G-tube, and helps avoid accidental tube dislodgment or migration.
Predation and dislodgment of Schizaphis graminum (Homoptera: Aphididae), by adult Coccinella septempunctata (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae).
The probability of dislodgment of an individual can also be viewed as an estimate of the fraction of the population that will be dislodged by the imposition of a hydrodynamic force.
The effect of a new denture adhesive on bite force until denture dislodgment. J Prosththodont 2005; 14: 122-26.