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, dislodgment (dis-loj′mĕnt) [Fr. desloger, to dislodge]
Displacement of a device (such as a catheter or tracheal tube) thought to be securely in position. Dislodgment of catheters, endotracheal tubes, or other devices may sometimes occur when patients are agitated, when they are moved, or when equipment is checked or adjusted. It may result in patient injury or failure in administration of required treatments.dislodge
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4% was primarily in the HG II components and all were related to the acetabular side with wear, breakage, and dislodgment of polyethylene liner.
14 Many alternative methods for removal of foreign bodies have been described in the literature, such as dislodgment by a Foley catheter, advancement with bougie, papain or carbonated fluid treatment, glucagon therapy, balloon extraction during fluoroscopy but rigid endoscopy remains thegold standard treatment.
This musical intensification of the temporal dislodgment caused by the presence of ghosts underlines Derrida's observations with regards to spectral temporality (141).
Efforts to successfully place larger catheters to prevent obstruction and dislodgment have focused on the placement of urethral sounds to juxtapose the anterior bladder wall against the anterior abdominal wall (Bonanno et al.
In each case flesh is required, for only flesh can be divested and passed through the crucible of contempt, dislodgment, derision, and humiliation.
These may include haemodynamic instability, respiratory complications resulting in hypoxia, neurological deterioration, poor temperature control, inappropriate administration of drugs, the dislodgment of invasive monitoring lines or endotracheal tube and transport equipment failure.
It is possible that patients with a longer or shorter duration of catheter placement than those in this sample may have a different vessel profile that alters risk for vessel damage or dislodgment further limiting generalizability.
While in Group II, 8 Fr to 12 Fr Foley's catheter was used both for urinary diversion and urethral stenting which was anchored to the tip of the glans penis with a single non absorbable stitch to prevent its dislodgment.
The statement also said the move was "tantamount to forcible dislodgment of a legitimate occupant and goes against licence terms and conditions.
Catheter stabilization is recognized increasingly as an important intervention in reducing complications of phlebitis, infection, catheter migration, and catheter dislodgment (Gorski, 2007).
These "late" complications include generator failure, lead failure, lead dislodgment, malfunction due to other mechanical factors, pericarditis, infection, skin erosion, hematoma, and venous thrombosis (1).