dislocation of the hip

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dislocation of the hip

Etymology: L, dis, apart, locare, to place; AS, hype
displacement of the femoral head out of the hip joint, usually accompanied by pain, edema, rigidity, shortening of the leg, and loss of function. It may be congenital or acquired. Types of hip dislocation include obturator dislocation, in which the femoral head lies in the obturator foramen; perineal dislocation, in which the femoral head is displaced into the perineum; sciatic dislocation, in which the femoral head lies in the sciatic notch; and subpubic dislocation, in which the femoral head is displaced anteriorly.

dislocation of the hip

A dislocation of the head of the femur from its normal location in the acetabulum. It is very often accompanied by a fracture.


The dislocation is characterized by pain, rigidity, and loss of function. The dislocation may be obvious by the abnormal position in which the leg is held, seen, or felt.


The person has great difficulty in straightening the hip and leg. The knee on the injured side resists being pointed inward toward the other knee and typically appears in a position of flexion, adduction, and internal rotation.

First Aid

The patient should be placed on a large frame, gurney, or support, such as that used for a fractured back. A large pad or pillow should be placed under the knee of the affected side. The patient should be treated for shock if required.

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