dislocation of finger

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dislocation of finger

Displacement of a finger bone. This occurs only at a joint. If there has been a crushing injury, it should be treated as a fracture until radiography has been performed. Dislocations of a finger usually are easily diagnosed. They may be caused by blows, falls, and similar accidents.

First, it is important to ascertain that there is no fracture. Then the patient should be asked to steady and support the wrist (or have somebody else do so) for countertraction. The finger is grasped beyond the dislocated muscles and tendons and, with the free hand, the dislocated bone is slipped into place. A splint is applied from the tip of the finger well into the palm of the hand. The splint may be made of plastic, of tongue depressors, or temporarily of heavy cardboard.


No attempt should be made to reduce a dislocation of any finger joint until radiography has ruled out the possibility of fracture.
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