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the science and practice of diagnosis of disease.


(di?ag-nos'tiks) [ diagnos(is) + -ics]
The science, art, or practice of diagnosis.

companion diagnostics

Laboratory tests and test kits used to determine the suitability of patients for tailored or targeted forms of therapy, e.g., therapies that act on unique biochemical pathways or that require specific genotypes or mutations.

molecular diagnostics

Molecular pathology (2).
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Hagmann and Garcia-Molina [1991] propose a solution to the disk management problem posed by long lived transactions.
The experimental results of Section 4 suggest that XEL's advantage over the traditional "firewall" (FW) disk management technique increases under any of the following conditions:
Acronis' patented disk imaging and disk management technology have won broad industry acclaim and numerous awards for excellence in data protection, backup and recovery, system deployment, and server migration for both physical and virtual machine servers.
Whether you're considering a disaster recovery application, disk virtualization or other disk management tasks, remember that the real savings aren't just the price you pay, but the value you receive over time.
For the next two years, the services the DCC will receive include 24/7/365 availability to the skilled experts at ATCOM, remote monitoring of business technology systems, remote management and administration of Windows servers and desktops, backup and disk management, email and endpoint antivirus auditing and updates, managed firewall and security services, automated ticketing and preferred customer support queuing, disaster recovery services and business continuity.
For nForce media and communications processors (MCPs), the NVIDIA ForceWare system management tools include desktop overclocking and monitoring utilities for high-speed system performance; unparalleled security and firewall features; NVMixer for configuring audio and speaker environments; and NVIDIA RAID for multiple disk management. For mobile computing environments, ForceWare also incorporates NVIDIA PowerMizer technology for dynamic power and battery management capabilities.
Given the choice, most line-of-business managers would rather have their DBAs concentrate on data quality, analysis and other service-level considerations instead of around-the-clock disk management.
Broadman claimed that Veritas had the "standard for disk management software" and the way that data was written to disk on NT and Unix.
for AIX, our integration and disk management software, on the server's 1 GB hard disk," said Dave Kalstrom, executive vice president of Plasmon.
VERITAS Software Corporation recently released Volume Manager for Windows 2000 and Windows NT--its online disk management solution.
The performance-enhancing Nextreme RAID solution is based on Veritas' enterprise-class disk management software and LSI Logic's high-performance SCSI controllers and software.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE--(C) 1994-8 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD PRODUCT:DRIVE COPY PLATFORM:PC/WINDOWS SUPPLIER:PowerQuest PRICE:VARIES PowerQuest has continued to make hard disk management for users simple and safe with DriveCopy.