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The story is disjointed at times but the three themes do interweave and finally come together into a good read for fans of dystopia and post-apocalyptic disasters with a complex plot and several twists and turns.
We were a little disjointed but I accept that was my fault, not theirs.
Not so much a disjointed service but one which has hung, drawn and quartered the residents.
It's all delivered in a screechy, disjointed narrative tone that becomes the cinematic equivalent of a ``Highway to Hell'' ringtone set much too loudly for public places.
In disjointed fashion, Pohl fills in some of the blanks about Gateway and the Heechee.
While his examples are relevant and effective, the presentation tends to be list-heavy and a bit disjointed.
Human Rights Campaign president Joe Solmonese agreed, adding that the amendment is a diversionary tactic by a disjointed Republican Party.
There is, nevertheless, a common point that unites all these apparently disjointed practices--the simplicity of the materials (paper, polystyrene, terra-cotta) and of the methods employed (folding, rudimentary animation techniques).
The scenes alternate between the two story lines and at times this can seem disjointed, but it makes the connection between both story lines much easier for young children to understand.
Get-rich-quick real estate plans and infomercial schemes abound, but the vast majority of them entail excessive risk and a disjointed and incomplete vision of the real estate market," says Friedman.
But while the book gives the impression of being disjointed, the contribution of the individual chapters should not be underestimated.
This was a disjointed performance against a poor team.